My Story

My story started in 2015, when i had a dramatic accident in my home country.

After i had two broken vertebras, PIlates became my cure to prevent my backpains, to feel my spine stronger and improve my posture quickly.

My professional journey with Pilates has started after i moved to Dubai with my family and when i realised that Pilates is a passion for me.

As a person who can cure her pains with exercises, i decided to carry my relationship with Pilates to a professional stage and became a Stott Pilates instructor.

Now my biggest aim and passion is to help people that has the same physical complaints in tehir body and to make people discover how their bodies have higher limits to improve.

Awaiting you to share the healing effect and mental motivation of Pilates everyday!

Our Studio

Since opening in May 2020, we have been hosting our pilates lovers in our modern designed studio, in Jumeirah Park - Dubai